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Sometimes, I let myself worry.
It's easier to just let myself enjoy their work but it really worries me sometimes, if they get any real good rest.

Especially now. They have dramas and recordings and rehearsals and radio programs and filiming and a lot of other stuff and they have to do twice as much now because they're so popular they have to be everywhere.

It's a bit frightening really.

Nino's hips are aching while filming Door to Door and we all know that he's rehearsing for Crazy Moon at the same time and I'm sure that he's already training for nasty moves in preparation of Gantz. Aiba is still rehearsing for Crazy Moon whilst having hay fever and now he has his very first drama (which takes a lot of getting used to) and that Arashi SP drama. Sho had to lose a lot of weight because of TQS2 and now he has his SP drama, the Arashi SP drama and that January drama ON TOP OF ALL HIS OTHER ACTIVITIES. Jun and Ohno are not as busy but I'm sure their schedules are hectic as well.

No, I am not thinking of a Jun/Nino fic where Nino wants to have sex despite his aching hips because that is just not right. NO. It'd be hot, Nino would be all PLEASE and Jun wouldn't want to but he will give in and be as gentle as possible ONLY NOT so NO. NO.

NO. yes it's a prompt haha

Where was I? Arashi and their totally possibly really really hectic schedule. I know they've been doing this for 10 years and they should be totally used to it by now but as a really insane fan I can't help but worry.


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