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wrote this in a hurry. HURRY.

i had a dream about nino.

there's a storm and arashi is the middle of filiming their okane ga nai specials. the staff stopped filming them because they got news that it's flooded everywhere. there was a ping pong table, aiba and nino were playing. the staff kept saying that aiba and nino stopped watching the news about the storm and i thought it's because they're the most worried. jun was eating this white goo cake-like thingie and cutting it into tiny little pieces while watching the news. sho and ohno are sleeping on the sofa.

then, in a completely different place, i saw nino.

he was getting married to this unknown girl (the girl's cute though) and he's all decked in a white tux and waiting with the the priest in this really small chapel. and then it's like i'm teleporting myself into places because suddenly i'm in the brides room and i was all WHY IS HE NOT GETTING MARRIED TO NAGASAWA MASAMI? WHO IS THIS GIRL? and the girl was all busy with her make-up and her fabulous fabulous dress and she couldn't see me. i kept looking at her face and thinking to myself...yep not nagasawa masami, i hate those damn gossip magazines tsk tsk >_<

the i was with nino and then this chapel sort of transformed into this hall with an Hermes outlet. nino's over at the counter (still decked out in his white tux) and he just walked away to sit in one of the chapel seat thingies. so i walked over to the Hermes counter and the two gay salespeople just kept shoving Hermes wallets in my face. i somehow knew they were making me choose for nino so i got 2 to choose from. then i don't know why but walked over to the priest and asked him what's better and shoved the 2 wallets in his face, he finally chose one so i went back to the counter and got what the priest has chosen.

then people started coming and nino's just fiddling around with his DS and i went over to him and shoved the Hermes box in his lap. he opened the box to find the wallet and an Aldo keychain inside with a note from the bride that said 'too expensive' and nino just sighed and continued playing his game.

i don't know how long we waited but it felt like damn long time. the people were already gone.

nino got up and left, he was running, running and i was running too because i was following him. then he got to this room and the bride was waiting there and then he shut the door and i guess they were having sex because i saw nino haul her up to a table (wedding dress and all) before shutting the door in my face. ouch. it's my dream and i can't even watch WTF.

then i was talking to some of their tv staff and they guessed that he's getting married because he was worried about the storm killing all of them blah blah. the other members were there but they were gone in an instant, my dream apparently thinks that nino is too special. he wouldn't even let me watch! HMP. so anyway, i was a car with nino. a sports car. you know when you're dreaming when nino is driving a sports car. it's white and it's really sleek. he was driving really fast but then skidded to a stop to smoke for a while. so i got a fag and started puffing away when this van just stopped right in front of us and some guys just started coming out. they were messing with nino's car. nino is by the way still decked in wedding attire minus the jacket. i was freaking out because the guys freaking took out the side mirror and put out one of their cigarettes in the dashboard.

then, it's like i saw this vision that the girl nino was going to marry was taking a bath in a house somewhere in that area and that the strange men's motive was to get her.

then i got all insane because i wanted to save the girl so she can get married with nino so i took the steering wheel and kicked nino out of the car, i don't know why i did that but woo in my dream i know how to drive. even if i can't watch nino have sex at least i can drive a car. then i stop and skid and skid and stop and just rounded one corner. i saw nino push a supermarket trolley near a door in one of the houses and i got inside, i followed because yeah...i don't really know. nino's one messed up dude. then he was all relieved that the door is unlocked and then i figured out that nino's inside the house of the girl he was going to marry! i can hear the girl still singing in the bathroom and the nino all but ran inside the bathroom and shut the door in my face again.


so anyway, i waited. i don't know how long. this a freaking long dream.

then i was suddenly in this orphanage. there were all these kids trying to play with me because arashi used to play with them. i didn;t know my boyband was doing charity! i saw this hut that they apparently used to film D no Arashi (my mind is one screwed up place) and i was all oohing and aahing over this when nino just appeared out of nowhere and parked his car but didn't get out. then one of the staff shouted that he's waiting for me. so i got inside the car and was all what's up when nino just sort of sulkyly said thank you and that he'll drop me off.

then i woke up.
what the fuck just happened?


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