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CD Japan is amazing. It's more expensive but this arrived in only two days! Just imagine my glee when I opened the package the same day of its release ♥


I'm such a dork for this boyband. SUCH A DORK.

My new favorite old Arashi songs at the moment are All or Nothing and Only Love.

All or Nothing PV

All or Nothing SC (live)

I love that it's a totally different style of singing for them and that it's rare. I spent an hour just looking for a live version of All or Nothing at a concert but all I found were live performances on SC. I love that Jun totally has his Gokusen hair and is totally rocking his lock and pop dance skillz in both the PV and the SC performances (there were two). Nino, Aiba and Ohno weren't standing out as much as Jun and Sho does. I love that Nino can't quite regulate his voice and that sometimes it's louder that Ohno's. I love that they're still groping in the dark and it's so obvious. I'm surprised at Sho's commanding presence though, it's particularly strong in the SC performance.

I can't help thinking 'this is how much they changed,' and I love them more.

Only Love from How's it Going con summer 2003

I only found one video for Only Love. The melody is sweet and catchy. I can't get the "Never ever want" bit out of head. It's stuck there like a worm! I love that it's showcasing Ohno's voice, especially towards the end. I know that it's more of an Ohno solo than the whole group (Nino's not even there, probably preparing for his solo) but it works and it's a shame they didn't sing it in other concerts though Jun said it's always listed and considered during concert brainstorming but it never makes the final cut. I hope they sing it live in the coming Kokuritsu concerts :D

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ugh I can't wait for my copy to arriveeeee eeeee

Wow, those Only Love outfits are just... *____* no comment? But it's just a nice sooong. (They seriously look so much better in that All or Nothing live though, haha. LOL at Ohno's half-hearted somersaults though wtf ahahah.)

These boys fjdala;

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